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Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Lindsey - Chicopee, MA

I started listening to the Q 99.7 4 years ago. I stepped away and stopped listening a year ago.. and I felt empty.. recently I started listening again. And I realized how much I need God in my life and I got caught up in myself and being selfish. But one night I had a dream and realized I can't do anything without putting God first and having him lead me.. And now I have been listening to The Q 99.7 on my hour drive to work to Pittsfield and I put it on my work computer while I dispatch 911 calls.. I feel so lifted and happy and all around peaceful.. Thank you for being soo awesome and always playing awesome music. The radio station is soo lifting and makes me feel good 24/7.

Kate - Southwick, MA

Your station has given me great faith and hope during times of despair and sadness! It has lifted my soul more times than I can count!

Denise - Feeding Hills, MA

I was dying in my soul and I just didn't know. You showed me a way back to my home. One I'd never really known. Thank you, the 'Q' For all you do. You saved me and my family too.

Nellie - Springfield, MA

It never fails that when I am going through something the perfect song comes on or the Hope for the day is a message directly for me. You all are a blessing and I am happy that you have become a part of my family. May God to continue to use each one of you for your purpose in life.

Jeanne - Holyoke, MA

Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. This was my second round with cancer and I was scared. I asked a "friend" to be there for me, take me to chemo every 2 weeks, go to appointments with me. My father died the day I had my second chemo treatment, my Mom and brother were already gone. Then this "friend's" husband belittled what I was going through, said I was just going through a little tough time. My "friend" told me I was "making myself sick" and she would pray for me. And then nothing, no calls, no help with chemo, I was on my own. Alone, I cried during my chemo treatments, even thought of stopping chemo. I felt so alone, deserted. These were people others saw as pillars of the community, good Catholics. I listened to your station only in my car but started listening during chemo and at home. The music inspired me, even through tears I felt healing. I still cry, still feel hurt by what they did, but I am better.

MGB - West Springfield, MA

For 7yrs I had been running away from God. I had given my back to Him. One day, my cousin put on your radio station while riding in my car. At the time I had no intention to return to church, but I found myself listening to your station almost everyday after that. God was working in my heart and I didn't even know it.. For about a year I kept listening. There were times that i would start crying while listening to a song or a bible verse. You see, it was through listening everyday that God was healing my heart and breaking down walls built around my heart. Because of His mercy and love and thanks to your station I gave my heart back to Jesus on January 3, 2013. God continues to work in me everyday and I am happy to say I continue to listen to your station. My husband hasn't given his heart to Jesus yet, but I have been playing the station for him. I believe God will work in him through your station just like He used your station to work in me.

Lisa - Hampden, MA

My brother has a form of lymphatic leukemia and it has lifted me in spirit while hearing the music to pray in song for his healing from Jesus. I am so grateful to God for your wonderful music. Keep lifting and blessing His people. Love you guys.

Chris - Holyoke, MA

I love Kari Jobe steady my heart. I've struggled with a seizure disorder for the last year and life has been tough since I lost my job. That song really speaks to me. I'm a mother of 6 children and having seizures has been trying on the whole family. We are in the process of losing our home and listening to your station gives me hope and strength that God is going to get me through all this.

Debi - Wilbraham, MA

The year 2013 has been emotionally challenging. Unemployed since last Nov. A single mom w/ two girls one with Autism. A long road ahead of us. I spent ( 8 weeks ) in a leg cast. I felt like I couldn't provide my girls with a fun Summer. Thank goodness for your positive message and amazing music. It never fails that just the right song comes on 'Worn' describes how I feel and 'He Said' reminds me I have the Lord to lead me. I sometimes feel as though my Faith is being sabotaged. One thing that makes me feel better is when I can pass on the drive through difference. It fills my heart with peace, even if it's just for someone's coffee. Love you!!!!

Damaris - Holyoke, MA

I've been going through some really difficult situations lately where I've felt far from God. Its really amazing though, that every time I have felt this way and I turn to your station, I am always reminded by a song your playing or someone speaking, that His Grace and Mercy is still available and that there is nothing that can separate me from the love of God!!! Thank you Q99.7!!!

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