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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Jolene - Enfield, Co

Getting back to the early morning routines school brings, as soon as the kids are on the bus, I can breathe, sit down with a cup of coffee, then turn on The Q 99.7 while I start on the housework. The music uplifts my mood, relaxes me and puts my heart back where it needs to be so that I can keep being a mom.

Jillian - South Hadley, MA

One morning I was looking for some good music, different from the same songs that other stations seem to repeat endlessly, and I loved the song I heard on 99.7 so I continued listening and then the dj did a morning prayer which positively effected my whole day. Since then I remember to pray on my morning car rides (while listening to the Q of course!)

Kim - Springfield, MA

Your radio station has helped me by just continuing to be on the air. This part of New England desperately needs to hear this message and to know that God loves them. The music you play and the interviews and everything else you air has and will continue to make a difference. I am proud to support your station, your employees and all you do. Keep up God's work!

Cristina - Springfield, MA

I wanted to share how this station has pointed me back to God. I recently transferred sites and have a co-worker who faithfully listens to your station on a daily basis. In some ways, without me knowing it, God used her to assist in deciding to give my all to Him. I just made the decision to this weekend to continue to follow Him. I no longer want to listen to music of the world and even listen to this station at home. I guess in a crazy way I participated in the 30 day challenge and couldn't resist to turn back to the Lover of my soul.

Marilyn - Springfield, MA

About two weeks ago I got in my car and turned on the station and Laura Story's song Blessings came on. I'm not sure what it was that made me start crying. I don't think I've ever cried the way I did in my car that morning. My husband and I have been going through a rough time trying to keep up with the mortgage that recently had gone up and not having health insurance The song came on and I realized the reason I was crying was because maybe everything we've been going through is a blessing in disguise, and all this time me praying and asking the Lord to help, but still kind of doubting him was the reason for my breakdown. It was almost as the Lord was talking to me through this song letting me know it's going to be ok, you're going to get through this. I cried because I thought how could I doubt him when in fact he's always found a way for my family and I. It's been two weeks and since then my relationship with the Lord is much stronger, I look to him for strength when I feeling down and overwhelmed and instantly I feel better. Now when I hear that song I smile and thank the Lord for all that I am going through because in the end I'm here because of him and I am blessed to know I have him in my life and know that with him all is possible only when you have faith and believe that he will be there for me.

Leslie - Springfield, Ma

Its so awesome how the listeners stories are so similar to one another and some of them I can really relate to a lot. Sometimes we think we are alone in this world with what we're going through, but there are others who deal with the same or worse! Everyone can have that reassurance that God is there and that we need Him and like Philippines 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Thank you for this station, for the beautiful,positive uplifting music.

Daniel - Tampa, FL

Thank you Q for how God uses your station to minister, not only to those in western NE, but us down here in Tampa Florida. I moved down here with my wife and mom a little over a year ago from Greenfield Mass, where I discovered your station. A few weeks ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and will be going through radiation and Chemo in the coming days. I felt led to turn to your station online, and am thankful I did. Thank you for the music you play, encouraging us during this time. Reminds us of God's faithfulness all the time, during good and challenging times. God bless all of you, and keep being led by the spirit of truth.

Janis - Westfield, Ma

I love starting my day in the best way and the Q 99.7 does just that sharing positive bible quotes first thing in the morning. I just got my license and I love having the Q 99.7 on because I know God is driving right next to me in the car, it has opened me up to drive away my fear of driving and driving alone.

Noelia - Springfield, MA

I am a high school teacher and every day when I am coming from work I listen the music from the Q 99.7 and that is very helpful because help me to renew after a very hard day.

Katy - Springfield, MA

I was feeling overwhelmed last spring. My mom had a stroke, and I was praying for her. I was also trying to keep the rest of my life in balance (work, family, schedules, etc) As I was driving from work to the hospital, the lyrics ' God may let you bend, but He won't let you break'- were just what I needed to hear! That song continues to help me put my life into perspective, and it always gives me strength when I'm feeling weak. Thank you for continuing to provide daily inspiration. Your station is a vital part of each day for me!

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