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Drive-Thru Difference

YOU are the Drive-Thru Difference.

If you've ever wanted to make a difference in someone's day, this is the way to do it. It's simple too.

By actually being the Drive Thru Difference, you can easily brighten someones day, week, or who knows... you might even change their outlook on life.

Together we can impact our community in such a powerful way.

The concept is simple.

Print this note, then drive to the fast food or coffee place you like to visit... place your order... then, when you get to the drive thru window, kindly tell the cashier/window worker that you'd like to bless the person in the car behind you. At that point you pay for both orders and hand the worker the note you printed from this site.

In the end... you do something sweet for someone else, the window worker is blessed by seeing your spirit behind paying, and the person you paid for may also pay it forward the next time around. It's all about creating community and pointing others towards Jesus Christ in even the simplest of ways.

If you are ready to BE the Drive Thru Difference then print this form and see you at the drive thru soon!

We would love to hear your stories! You can call The Q 99.7 at 413-285-2997 or send us your story through the form below:

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Drive Thru Difference Stories

Here are a few of the stories that we have received:

Mary - Westfield, MA

I had just finished reading a very disturbing book that called to mind all kinds of questions about the human spirit. As I sat waiting for my turn to pick up my coffee my thoughts were still with 'the dark side' of humanity. Having the car in front of me pay for my coffee shook me out of my heavy musings and made me once again realize how many good people there are in the world and how most of us do want to make a positive difference for someone. So, whomever it was, THANK YOU...this was right around 8 am at the north side Westfield McDonalds.

Dionna - Springfield, MA

This morning on my way to work, I was venting to my best friend on the cell phone at Dunkin Donuts. When I got up to the window the cashier told me that I was all set and that the lady in front of me paid for my tea. They gave me the note and I read it and wave to the car in front of me.. That not only made my day, but made me think about life and the blessing that I have been receiving and I felt like I needed to give that feeling to someone else, therefore I printed the note and that weekend did the same. Thank You to The Q 99.7.

Kim - West Springfield, CT

I have been wanting to do the drive through difference since it started, but I don't often go to drive-throughs, and honestly, I thought what if the person behind me had a huge order?? What would I do?? So yesterday I decided to .. paid for my iced tea, and saw a van pulling up behind me with several people in it. I then remembered that I had a DD gift card in my wallet that I had never used .. so told the girl at the window that I wanted to pay for their order. She said, well its a big one - are you sure? I handed her the gift card which took care of it. I have been very stressed lately, and this helped me stop thinking about my own problems for awhile. Definitely a win-win situation. I will do this again very soon! Thanks for thinking of this!

Lydia - Holyoke, MA

I wake up every morning and give thanks for all GOD has given me and I tell myself every day, 'today is going to be a good day'. I believe in paying it forward and have practiced that myself many years, and all I ever asked in return is that you pay it forward. Well, today was an example of that, but in the other shoe... Thanks and appreciation goes out to the gentleman at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru on Main St. Holyoke who paid for my order this morning !!! An added bonus to this beautiful day.

Ashley - Enfield, CT

Thursday night I had given a homeless man $2, it is all I had in my wallet. Always having lived in cities, I usually pass by. That night at the red light, I gave this man this money, for the first time in about 5 years. It was dark, and I was thinking of my life- my mistakes, my successes and failures, and had a deep moment of reflection as I drove home. I hadn't given myself time to think about anything than work for a while. Friday morning, I woke up to the rain and the wind blowing that we all experienced. My hair was a mess, I had left paperwork at home and was running late for work. I called, let the office know I was going to be late, and decided I'd pull into Dunkin' Donuts to get a coffee on this cold, rainy day, which I rarely have time to do. I thought about the homeless man, and that things weren't that bad... my hair was just wet. I began to feel silly for being stressed. I was told the lady in front of me had paid for my coffee. I looked up and didn't recognize the person as she drove away. I looked at the cashier with a big '?' on my face. She said, 'There have been a lot of random acts of kindness today.' With tax, my coffee is $2 even. I knew this, I know this from having ordered before. I pulled away and saw a print out note on my coffee. My mind raced. The ride to work remains a blur. $2 to a homeless man. $2 coffee.... it was as if God said, 'Ashley, I'm going to make this really easy for you... I am here. You can't deny me anymore.' I grew up in the Church and have been far from it, I have not felt God really cared about me due to the events in my life. It never added up to believing in God. But today, on the day the world was supposed to end, I felt like mine re-began. Thank you, Car Ahead of Me. You gave me much more than a cup of coffee.

Paula - Monson, MA

I had to tell you my story about the drive through difference. It was my birthday and I was heading to work feeling sad that this year was going to be different. I've been separated from my husband for several months now. It wasn't in my plans for my marriage to be ending. I thought I would drive through Dunkin Donuts to try to make my day brighter. As I handed the clerk the money she said the person in front of me paid for my breakfast. I said to her 'its my birthday' she got all excited and told the other girls next to her. I pulled over in a parking spot and cried. It didn't end there. I went into a store for a few things. A pen ended up on the belt. I said to the clerk I didn't put that pen there. I said let me see that pen. It said 'Fear not for I am with you and I will help you. The Lord is my shepherd. Perfect love drives out fear. I said to the clerk I WANT that pen. It was as if God was tapping me on the top of my head as if to say I'M STILL HERE!! Needless to say it was probably one of the best birthdays I could ask for knowing that the comfort Jesus provides is with me always.

Cassie - Chicopee, MA

The lady in the car in front of me paid for my dunkin donuts coffee this morning. After I ordered my coffee I realized I didn't have my debit card on me. I searched through my little change reserve in my center console for the $2 and some change that I owed. I couldn't come up with enough. Just as I pull up to the window, ready to tell the dunkin donuts drive through cashier that I can't buy a coffee I find a $10 bill in the bottom of my pants pocket. She opens the window and tells me it's all set and hands me a little yellow piece of paper with an explanation on it. Luckily I got a chance to thank the woman who bought for my coffee before she pulled out of the parking lot area. It's funny how such a little thing can have such a big impact on your day. What a great way to start off the morning! When I got to work I shared my story with my coworkers and they all photocopied that little yellow piece of paper and vowed to try it themselves. What a great message.

Sylvette - Springfield, MA

I want to thank the person that was in front of me at Dunkin Donuts in Springfield, MA. The order was for my daughter, but because i did not have to pay her breakfast today I can buy my medication today, God bless him or her and I pray to God that allows me to be able to do the same. I will take this gesture of kindness as a sign from God that my situation is going to get better.

Nancy - Granby, CT

Decided to use the last of my money today trying to make someone smile. I went through the drive through at Dunkin in Granby gave the cashier my money and DTD note. The girl took my money and said 'just so you know this has failed every time today'. I was shocked and said 'what do you mean? How can it fail?' She said 'pay it forward hadn't worked' everyone else who had their order paid for didn't pay for the car behind. This gave me a chance to witness!!! I said 'this is different. There is no obligation for my friend in the car behind me! This is ME... Doing something nice for them. No strings... No expectations. God can use this gesture of kindness in so many ways. I had the chance to show how God's love works.

Karin (pronounced car in - Enfield, CT

My kids and I started doing this about a year ago. Everytime we go through a drive through the kids "say do it mom". I can't do it everytime but we get such happiness from it when we do. Just to know you are making someone's day is the best feeling. I can only imagine Jesus and how he felt knowing the millions of people he was saving. I am so happy I found your station after my sisrer passed away. I love everything you all do. Especially the morning prayers!! Thank you all for the great gift you have bestowed upon this region of the country.

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